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  • Genies make wishes come true, but only people make dreams come true.” ~ Siya Stoan
  • We are prone to judge success by the index of our salaries or the size of our automobile rather than by the quality of our service and relationship to mankind. ~ Dr. Martin Luther King Jr
  • Motivation and bathing are not permanent.That’s why we need both every day. ~ Zig Ziglar
  • Limits are mythical until you invent them.~ Siya Stoan
  • Insanity is the belief that you can keep on doing what you’ve been doing and get different results. ~ Alcoholics Anonymous
  • Failure is a myth until you fail to retry. ~ Siya Stoan
  • Opportunities are usually disguised by hard work, so most people don’t recognize them. ~ Ann Landers
  • To sin is to be lost, forgiveness is to be found. ~ Siya Stoan
  • Whether you think you can or can’t, you’re right. ~ Henry Ford
  • Other can stop you temporarily, but you are the only one who can do it permanently. ~ Zig Ziglar


Welcome to my personal homepage about myself. This website serves as my mini-autobiography. This is the second revised design of which I designed it to be more professionally laid out than my first design of, which was more personally driven. The website also serves as my portfolio for one of my skills and hobby I enjoy dearly, which is Web Design. Please browse around to get an idea of who I am and what are some of the things I can accomplish. ENJOY!

They say a website is never complete, so I will be adding more content and designs as time progresses, so stay tuned! And Thank you for your time to visit my personal homepage.

Words of a winner

Written by siya stoan

Words of a winner

I am a winner, I sometimes act like a sinner, but I know I’m a winner, sometimes my faith grows thinner but I’m a winner, I may be a beginner but I am winner, I might miss breakfast but I will have dinner because I am a winner and I win at the end, fear and failure I blend, I rise when failure pulls me down like quick sand, I am a winner because success is my best friend, winning is my lifetime trend, it never goes out of fashion, I win with passion,

I do not need to be told that I’m a winner, I do not need to be hungry to indulge in dinner, I don’t need a trophy to know I am winner, a winner may falter but his strength never ends like earth and water, a winner lives without limits, a winner in a mission commits, a winner can bypass pits, a winner never fails without trying, a day never passes without a baby crying, a plane never arrives in a destination without flying, a thief never survives without lying, a funeral never occurs without a person dying, a winner is not afraid of retrying,

a winner does not quit, no matter how difficult a winner will never omit, in times of failure a winner is strategic, never feels psychotic, a winner believes failing is delayed success not a lifetime mess, a winner never allows himself to feel depress or less, uses every opportunity to impress, a winner is inseparable with progress, any problem he can address and always has a speech ready for the press,

a winner has a self esteem of a team, his techniques may be extreme, a winner has a dream, builds his own life scheme, has a life theme, a winner daydreams to be supreme, a winner is dreamer, a dreamer is a winner, a winner never doubts himself, a winner is full of confidence like a library book shelf, a winner can always build confidence and is not afraid to take a chance, like the moon and lance,

A winner is proud of his performance, a winner and success is like cupid and romance, a winner develops fear, but never moves back when success is near, a winner's goals are always clear, a winner has god in the rear, a winner might get weak, but his will never leak, a winner is unique, always develops a strategic technique, a winner can walk to Mozambique and learn to speak Greek,

a winner doesn’t believe in impossible, but all is achievable, a winner sometimes loses but believes that a lose is part of the ultimate win, a winner may not get a trophy, may get a runner up mug for coffee,

a winner may not finish in first position but may have completed his mission, an experience of challenge, may be a winner's achievement and trophy, a winner is not afraid of losing, but afraid of a snoozing.